About Amy

Amy Shippy is the cofounder of Marche' de Macarons and owner of Blue Poppy Designs and Lottiebelle's, headquartered in Savannah, Georgia. Amy is a serial entrepreneur and business development consultant with proven success in both retail and wholesale markets.

Amy was born and raised on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and later moved to Savannah, GA, where she created her first business, a computer training company. Amy went on to start a successful furniture store, hitting $14 million in sales per year. The 2008 recession forced Amy to reinvent herself and in 2012, Amy and her best friend opened Marche' de Macarons, which provides highly sought-after desserts and unique touches for special occasions. Marche' de Macarons continues to increase in sales and expand its reach year after year. Amy's macarons are featured in shops in Woodstock, GA, Sarasota, FL, Beaufort, SC, Omaha, NE, and Savannah, GA, and are shipped to store locations nationwide.

In 2019, Amy founded Blue Poppy Designs, a coastal-inspired, hand-crafted design company, specializing in home goods. Amy's business idea won Biz Pitch Hilton Head in 2019, and as proof of her tenacity and flexibility, the company took the wholesale market by storm in the middle of 2020. Blue Poppy Designs is now in over 500 gift shops nationwide, and its sister company, Lottiebelle's Candied Pecans, is growing in similar fashion.

Amy has been featured in Savannah's South Magazine, Chatham County Living Magazine and Savannah Morning News. Armed with real-life business experience and a relentless passion for helping others succeed, Amy equips other entrepreneurs seeking help in navigating the potential pitfalls of business.

Lady BizWiz is Amy's latest venture, a consulting and public speaking brand with a weekly podcast for helping entrepreneurs take their ideas from concept to market.